About us

Digital Point Consulting helps you understand the need to go fully digital and creates a framework for its clients to grow successful.

About us

In business, every minute is precious. It could be the difference between landing a million-dollar project and leaving a deal on the table for competitors to grab. DPC’s solutions encompass an amalgamation of technology and communication prowess that changes the way your clients look at you. While it is in our DNAs to create exceptional customer experiences that blows the minds of anyone who is a recipient of it, at our core, we are a technology company.

As a technology company, we are equipped with the wherewithal and resources to set your business in order with our expertise. Simplifying, streamlining and developing processes that directly affects your bottom-line is something that we are highly qualified to do. The trust that our clients have in us is because of the value that we have been able to add over the years to them. The word spreads about our work through highly satisfied clients.

DPC is a multinational company that has been serving its customers in different verticals that include Finance, Telecom, Healthcare, Utilities, Postal, Government, Retail, Hospitality industry and so on. We create highly repeatable processes that make it easy to extrapolate results to a myriad of industries.

With a set of highly experienced professionals helming the affairs for our technology services that include Intelligent Automation, Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity services, Cloud Computing, Open Source Consulting and Microservice and Container Consulting, you can be certain of the kind of effect we will have on your business. The technology team at DPC is adept at solving problems that have been difficult to work on. We consider it a challenge and a vindication of our abilities every time we deliver solutions for our clients.

We follow a highly standard procedure that follows all the best practices, creating processes of high accuracy and a checklist of items that our lab has refined over the years that helps produce significant results. Add these abilities with a mix of genius that comes with years of experience and technical know-how, you have DPC- at your service.