Custom Kiosk Design

Create brilliant experiences with DPC’s custom kiosk design where we can whip out kiosks that are specific to your needs. Think of this as a collaborative design where our team of professionals develop custom kiosks after understanding your requirements in detail. DPC’s experience helps draw out plans that will be in tune with the kiosk that you have in mind by executing flawlessly.



Head Quarter

Address : Olaya Street ,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mobile:    +966 55 838 3184

Email:       info@dpc-it.com

Fax:         + 966 55 838 3184

Skype:     dpc-it 


Jordan Branch

Address : Jordan – Amman

P.O.Box:  850244 Amman 11185 Jordan

Mobile:    +962 7 7227 6806

Email:       info@dpc-it.com