Cyber Security Services

With our incredibly advanced security operations system, we can easily identify any cybersecurity threats while engaging in pre-emptive measures that assures almost zero impact. The Cybersecurity team works with powerful technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent Automation, Deep Analytics and so on to keep you safe.

What we do?



  • Assimilating data to identify potential threats and provide information on it at regular intervals
  • Eliminating the reason behind these potential attacks
  • 24*7 security monitoring to detect threats
  • Specialized ability to discover security hiccups and flaws in behavior, application and end points
  • Create a security roadmap based on your needs
  • Build innovative data protection and privacy solutions
  • Use technology to automate data protection based on various criteria
  • Suspicious activity is detected in real-time
  • Educating the business to promote a culture that improves security and reduces risk
  • Helps align your security structure with business goals.

Protecting customer data is a company’s main cause for concern as it directly affects the reputation of the organization and can cause grave problems if they fall into the wrong hands. DPC helps you with understanding the current risks that your organization is facing and monitors all channels for data outflow so that corporate data is protected. 



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