Microservices and Container consulting

Systems that are not flexible are susceptible to frequent interruptions which damage the growth of the business and wastes a lot of time. Cloud based solutions are almost impossible to implement since scalability and reusability becomes a question mark when there are frequent interruptions. This is where containerized microservices can make all the difference by decentralizing your monolithic applications. Microservices makes it easy to implement changes, speeds up the development cycle as well as the QA cycle

When applications are broken down into smaller pieces, it can be developed, and changes can be made concurrently even if they work together. Microservices are the next generation of software optimization that makes applications easier to build and maintain, thus helping deliver technology quickly. Containers put these microservices into boxes that put similar applications together. Containers create isolated workload environment in a virtual operating system. Since the microservices are running in separate containers, they can be deployed independently. Using containers removes the risk of any untowardness between frameworks, libraries and languages which keeps them compatible.


  • Helps build applications that can be scaled up or down without changing the integrity of the existing components
  • It enhances the security of the application with its decentralized data management. If there is a data breach, the entire application won’t be affected since each component has its own database.
  • Since the application is decentralized, there is no way the entire application will come crashing down if an error occurs.
  • Run tests and make changes without having to stop the running of other components.
  • Provisioning of infrastructure is fast through automation
  • You get total control over your resources which gives added power to your infrastructure’s efficiency

The team at DPC helps design and develop microservices architecture to increase the efficiency of your business. We use our technical expertise to break the code into smaller applications that are independent of each other. DPC’s microservices consulting experts configure the microservice architecture to empower application development teams to shift to service-oriented model. We work with clients on various levels for their microservices solution that includes analysis, strategy planning, implementation, and consulting.

If a business has never worked with containers earlier, DPC goes above and beyond to understand the technical and organizational requirements in implementing these technologies and follow the best practices based on the solution recommended. For businesses that are already working with containers, we engage in sessions for strategic planning in container adoption.


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