Open Source Consulting

Organizations these days are taking up open source technologies on a war footing to create highly functionable software, to mitigate the costs associated with proprietary software, increasing operational effectiveness and so on. Working with Open Source Software has consistently shown to be safe, secure and easy on the pocket. You get the keys to your solution without having to shell out money on ongoing subscription costs. Most of the major technology innovations that happened in the last decade or two would have been impossible if there was no open source solution to support.

The biggest advantage of working with Open Source is that you get unlimited access to the source code and you don’t have to start from scratch when you are looking to create a solution. It is something that commercial software will never be able to deliver to you.  Giving you access to the source code implies that you can make changes to the source code to create solutions that are extremely catered to what your business requires. If your client is looking for functionality that was not available earlier, you can still go ahead and make changes on the source code to add the required feature.  An Open Source technology expert would be able to help you understand how using Open Source increases your productivity by a long distance.

Benefits of using Open Source technology:

  • Open Source gives you more flexibility since the community keeps it clean
  • Be assured of rapid application development since the entire community has access to the source code and keeps upgrading the software
  • Since the software is open, there is no need to be dependent on a software vendor
  • Open Source provides you the ability to create any integration with external systems
  • It gives you greater control of the application developed
  • Since you pay zero for any licence, it drastically reduces the fees associated with developing a technical solution

The technical experts at DPC would be able to deliver compelling open source solutions that meets your specific needs based on assessing your present technology and by creating a technological roadmap for the future. Thanks to our technical prowess that was honed after years of experience, we would be able to give you the best of technology world by suggesting you optimal options and ensuring that the implementation is seamless. DPC’s Open Source solutions drastically reduces your overheads by keeping your spending almost zero on maintenance and deployment. Our open source solutions can take care of the most pressing business challenges that you might be facing.


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