Smart Lockers

Smart automation has changed the way we live our lives, with a single command or click of a button. An Automated Smart Locker system is a combination of electronic locks with efficient applications as a single package. It provides customers the ability to store, transfer, receive and drop off parcels securely. The ubiquitous use of smart phones and laptops has made it easy to facilitate the communication process.
It could be used in storage for dry cleaning, ecommerce delivery, school lockers, airport terminals, logistics industry, postal, ecommerce, transport, government offices, distribution centres and so on.
Smart Lockers

DPC’s Smart Locker system offers the fastest and most efficient smart locker solution that can be employed for parcel storage, pickup, returns and more. DPC uses cloud service that comes with the ability to track, create reports and to save time.

Benefits of Smart Lockers:

  • Create a time-efficient solution for product storage and pickup
  • Increase order output without increasing the costs
  • Streamlines the pickup process to decrease store congestion and eliminate wait-times



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